Is Medicare a social security?

Medicare Insurance was born in 1965 as a bill that first approved the Congress and then the President of the time gave it the validity it needed. That is how a new opportunity began for those people who needed support for their health.  However, Medicare Insurance is something new and strange for people who just hear about it. They begin to ask if it is an insurance as such but they do not understand it because in its description it says it is a health program. But it is totally normal because doubts are always present in this type of situation.

The more you get into Medicare Insurance, the more you realize it’s a social security. First, it is considered an insurance because it protects people during any medical situation, whether emergency or not. Second, it is social because it is directed towards the American society who is the one that enjoys Medicare Insurance.  But … If it’s a Social Security because they say it’s a program? Simple, it is a program because it consists of different stages and houses different people who enroll in it. To be better understood, Medicare Insurance is a Social Security that at the same time is considered a Health Program for the American society.

Going deeper, Medicare has been expanding as the years have passed so that everyone can now have it as health insurance through its different modalities. First of all, you have Original Medicare that involves Part A and Part B that refer to Hospital Insurance and Aetna Medicare supplement plans respectively.  But if the benefits of this initial plan are not enough for you, you can always choose Medicare Advantage that comes hand in hand with Part D. Medicare Advantage works hand in hand with private institutions and Part D covers what the prescriptions are for medications so you can comply with all treatments.

In this sense, Medicare is considered a social insurance because throughout its history the only thing it has done is to alleviate the burden of all the patients who have resorted to it, even the families of patients claim that if Medicare had not been able to get ahead with all the situation they had over their heads.

Social Security, beyond helping people to cover medical expenses at the time of emergency or required examinations, represents a form of protection towards the society that seeks to defend and guarantee their fundamental rights, especially the right to health which has been taking considerable relevance due to all the health emergencies that have arisen in the world.

That’s why lately more and more people are joining Medicare Insurance. As time passes, they realize that the benefits are much better and that the plans they have prepared for both the retired and the disabled are endless. The coverage is very broad compared to other insurance and the best thing is that it is activated quickly. so you know, if you’re looking for insurance that protects you and everyone you care about, choose Medicare.